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No Credit Check Cell Phone Offers


Prepaid cellular phones let your wireless dream come true with no hefty upfront fees.

Prepaid Cell Phones with No Credit Checks and No Contracts

Now you can get your own cell phone without having any credit checks. Unlike most cell phone plans, prepaid cellular services don't require a credit check or lock a person into a contract for at least a year with regular monthly payments. Instead of waiting for a bill, you pay for your minutes upfront.

Prepaid cell phones are also of substantial interest to users who might like to have a cellular phone for occasional use--for unexpected roadside emergencies, for example. But if you just want to have a cell phone as "insurance," it can be irritating to pay a conventional cellular telephone bill of $20 or $30 a month, month after month. For this type of user, prepaid cell phones are a perfect option.

With prepaid phones, customers don't pay a monthly fee or sign up for a plan. They simply buy the phone, load it with minutes, usually in batches of $20 to $100, and start dialing. When the minutes run out, they buy more.

  • Adults who don't make enough calls per month to justify a monthly cell plan
  • young people
  • Elderly people


Prepaid cell phones are easy to get and convenient because there are:

  • no credit checks
  • no contracts
  • no deposits
  • no monthly bills


You can get your own cell phone from the following service providers. Getting one for you is just a couple of clicks away! Just order online and your cell phone will be arriving within several days.


Service Providers:

Service Provider
Prepaid Service Information
Cingular Wireless No Credit Check Prepaid Cell Phone Service
VoiceStream No Credit Check Prepaid Cell Phone Service
Tracfone No Credit Check Prepaid Cell Phone Service
Verizon Wireless No Credit Check Prepaid Cell Phone Service
Liberty Wireless No Credit Check Prepaid Cell Phone Service








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