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Debt Consolidation


If you're feeling stretched by credit card bills or other high-interest payments, a debt consolidation loan may be just what you need. You could consolidate your bills, save money, and have spending room to spare.

Debt consolidation is a process which allows you to combine all of your monthly bills into one, conveniently-low, monthly payment --- Up to 50% lower than what you are currently paying. Debt consolidation is a negotiated agreement between you and your unsecured creditors, whereby,

  • You agree to pay, on time, a lower monthly payment you can afford while meeting your other living expenses Payments are usually reduced by as much as 35%.
  • You agree to stop using your credit cards or increasing your debt.

Your Creditors agree to:

  • Stop all harassing phone calls or any other form of harassment.
  • Reduce the amount of your monthly payments to one you can afford.
  • Eliminate or reduce your high interest rates.
  • Stop late and over limit fees, and other misc. charges.


You make just one convenient lower monthly payment that you can afford which satisfies all of your unsecured debt obligation and your other living expenses as well. Payments are usually reduced by as much as 35%. Late and over limit fees are eliminated and very often by making the regular monthly payments on time, delinquent accounts get re-aged to current status again, saving your credit rating. Your restructured debt program will allow you to avoid taking the drastic measure of declaring bankruptcy or committing yourself to a long term debt consolidation loan that doesn't really solve the underlying problem.

By negotiating terms such as lowering your presently high interest rates, a greater portion of each payment is applied toward your balance, instead of mostly going to paying off interest. You will drastically cut your pay off time from 15-30 years down to 4-6 years. This will result in saving you thousands of hard earned dollars in finance charges.


Go to Debt Management and Consolidation Services page to select a program that can help lower your debt.


Debt consolidation scams abound-particularly on the Internet. Some services charge extraordinarily high interest rates or steep fees, and some claim they can fix your credit record (they can't). You're better off with a nonprofit credit-counseling service.





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